1. The Organizer of Pärnu Plant Fair is MTÜ Pärnu Aiaklubi;
2. Pärnu Plant Fair takes place in the meadow of Vallikraavi in Pärnu city.
The opening hours of the fair: on Friday, September 13  from 9.00am to 7.00pm and on Saturday,
Septeber 14  from 9.00am to 3.00pm;

3. Pärnu Plant Fair offers the following products and services: cultivation of fruits and vegetables, seasoning in home garden, landscape gardening – hedges, lawns, flowers and ornamental plants, ikebanas, seeds, bulbs and plants, cut flowers and potted plants, planting equipment, organic farming, earth, peat, pesticides and fertilizers, compost, processing and preserving of gardening products, garden equipment and machinery, packing and covering materials, greenhouses, garden furniture, lamps, ceramics, wickerwork, herbs and natural products, apicultural products, educational activities related to gardening, handicraft, catering;
4. Organizers are allowed to choose vendors;
5. Vendors are not allowed to put their goods outside their selling spot;
6. Vendors are allowed to the sale area on September 12  7 from 3 p.m to 8 p.m. The area is protected by the security officer from 8 p.m to 6 a.m. On September 13 the fair area is open to vendors from 6 a.m to 8.30 a.m;
7. Vendors are obliged to exhibit their goods on both days;
8. Vendors receive all the documentary from the gate of vendors;
9. All vendors receive a name tag of Pärnu Plant Fair, which ensures free entrance to the market area;
10. Sales spots have to be ready and vehicles parked by 8.45am on September 13 at the latest;
11. You can access by car from the crossing of Ringi 44  and Esplanaadi 42 street. The gate is closed during the opening hours of the fair;
12. For extra cost it is possible to park on the fair area. Larger selling spots enable you to park a car and a trailer for free (see the plan);
13. Outside the territory, vendors park their vehicles to a separate area – on the sidewalk of Sadama street;
14. Selling spots that are planned in a curved row have to be aligned with the sides of the ground, not in parallel with the frontal line! See the explication on the plan;
16. Organizers are not responsible for force majeure or damage made by visitors, exponents, or their contractors. Exponents are responsible for the insurance of their display, materials and equipment;
17. Fair is surrounded by a temporary fencing. In closing hours the area is guarded by company G4S;
18. You can fill your watering cans from a watering pump next to Vallikraavi;
19. During the opening hours, driving in the area of fair is prohibited! After closing, the gates will be opened at 3:00pm;
20. The selling area has to be clean after the event. All garbage has to be collected instantly during the event to a large container;
21. All registered vendors may introduce and advertise their goods on our Facebook page: FB Pärnu Taimelaat;
22. Vendors may attach an advertisement (max dimensions 150x1200cm) on temporary fencing on Ringi and Sadama streets.;
23. Invoices will be sent out 20 days prior due date, starting from July 8, 2019.
1) In August, invoices will be sent out 10 days prior payment.
3) In September , invoices will be sent out 3 days prior paymnet and 5% will be added.

24. The registration will be canceled if the payment date on invoice has been exceeded by 7 days. In September, 1 day after the payment date;
25. The cost of sales point is nonrefundable if reservation is cancelled 20 or less days before fair.
26. Vendor will be added to the reservation column after the payment has been returned- KAUPLEJAD/ VENDORS
27. Written application is needed at least 14 days advance in case of withdrawal from the contract. If the notice time is less than 14 days vendors have to cover 100% of participation costs.
28. Vendors, who have booked a sales spot but have not paid its invoice nor do not come to the fair without an advance notice, can participate in next fairs after paying the previous invoice (100%) and new invoice in time;
29. Vendors have to comply with the legislation of Agricultural Board;
30. Vendors are obliged to follow the rules of Consumer Protection Board.

Agricultural Board
Consumer Protection Board