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MTÜ Pärnu Aiaklubi

Piret Kukk​

Landscape designer

Points of sale registration for the Plant Fair, web, payment of invoices

Kati Niibo

Landscape architect

Publicity, media

Sirje Pohla

Issuing of invoices for the Plant Fair, crediting invoices, reports

About us

Pärnu Plant Fair was first held in autumn 2013.

Twice a year in the city centre of Pärnu, the fair in the meadow of Vallikääru is a real paradise for people interested in gardening. This is the only fair in Estonia where only garden and plant goods are traded. The sellers are larger and smaller nurseries, but also lesser-known collectors and hobby-gardeners from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Despite the short history, Pärnu Plant Fair is an important horticultural event throughout Western Estonia, but each year more and more plant lovers find their way to Pärnu fair even further away from Estonia. It is not only a buy-and-sell place, but also a nice opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with people who are crazy about gardening.

In case you need further information on the occurrence of the fair or assistance in planning the trip, the Pärnu Plant Fair Management team will be very happy to assist you.

Garden friends meet in Pärnu!

Organisers of Pärnu Plant Fair,

Kati and Piret

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