Gardening only




With the order of the Government of the Republic of Estonia from 30.07.2021, a Covid-19 certificate must be presented at the fenced  outdoor event with more than 100 participants. Up to 12,000 people can take part in a controlled outdoor event at one calendar day.

According to the order, the Covid-19 certificate of traders and visitors shall be checked upon entering the fair.

Fair takes place in Pärnu, in the area of Vallikraavi, between Ringi and Sadama Streets. There are more than 100 different sized points of sale for vendors from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Fair is for garden and plants related goods: seeds, plants, garden products, honey, garden tools and machinery, garden furniture, sculptures, etc.

Autumn Fair opening times

Saturday, 11th of September 9.00–16.00

Friday, 10th of September 9.00–19.00

Saturday, 11th of September 9.00–15.00